The Sacrament of Marriage

Congratulations on your engagement!  Planning your wedding liturgy should be a pleasant and helpful experience for you and your families.  As the day draws near, you will want to assure the full active participation of those who have gathered with you at the wedding liturgy (ceremony).  You will meet both with Fr. Marcoe (pastor) AND the parish music coordinator to help you plan the details of the liturgy. 

To begin, 
you will contact the pastor, Fr. Marcoe, to schedule a meeting with you and your fiancé.  To prepare for a healthy and holy marriage, all couples are required to attend the established marriage preparation program (formerly referred to as Pre-Cana).  See the following information here which explains the details.  

St. Joseph Wedding Guidelines 
for the celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage are to be used for all weddings at St. Joseph Church.  Please refer to this
document before making any arrangements.  

Use of St. Joseph Church is generally available only for the weddings of families of St. Joseph parishioners, however other consideration may be given.

Weddings at St. Joseph’s are generally scheduled at either 11 am and / or 2 pm.  However, other times (generally no later than 2 pm) may be considered when there is only one wedding on a given date.  

Use of Saints Cyril and Methodius Basilica 
is only granted to graduates of St. Cyril Academy.  No exceptions are made.  The parish music coordinator is available for weddings to those having received permission from the pastor of St. Joseph’s.

is integral to the wedding liturgy.  Liturgical selections are made with the assistance of the parish music coordinator.  (Other non-liturgical music may be more appropriate at the reception).  The music is led by a trained cantor and/or organist, who leads the participation of the assembly.  Cantors and organists are to be from St. Joseph Parish, or with permission, from another Catholic parish.

The pastor is responsible for parish weddings and is the usual main celebrant.  However, with permission from the pastor in advance, another priest may preside, concelebrate or give the homily.  (Clergy of other denominations may be invited with the pastor's permission to have a limited role during the liturgy).

are to be made payable to "St. Joseph Church" at the time of the wedding rehearsal.  Organist Stipend: $150.  (If there is a separate cantor, there is an additional fee of $75).  Celebrant Stipend: freewill offering (a suggested amount is $100).  Church Stipend: There is no fee for the use of the church for registered, currently-active members of the parish.  However, the fee for the use of the church for Catholic non-parishioners is $200.  (If altar servers are requested, a separate donation may be made directly to the server(s) at the discretion of the wedding party.  A suggested amount is $10 per altar server).  

usually occur the evening before the wedding.  The following items are brought to the rehearsal: wedding programs, marriage license, guest book, and church fees / offerings.  Anyone with a specific role in the wedding ceremony should be present, if possible, at the rehearsal.  The musicians however, will have their own practice.